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Our experience and commitment at NBI are all key in offering the best incorporating online services available. We are a Nevada Commercial Registered Agent. Already incorporated? Save on your Nevada Registered Agent fees and switch to us! For the record, we have never raised our Registered Agent rates since 2001! NBI offers the following services: Nevada Corporation; Closed Nevada Corporations (closed to Public Stockholders); Non-profit Nevada Corporation; Nevada LLC's; Partnerships; Professional Partnerships; Aged Nevada Corporations or Nevada Shelf Corporations; Nevada Registered Agent Services.

Aged Nevada Corporations available starting @ $1850.00 (2013) Add $200.00 for each year back on an LLC, and $400.00 for a Nevada Corporation.


 WE ARE   # 1 in Customer Service...a Commercial Nevada Registered Agent is here to serve末Toll Free 1-877-541-3039.


Our Products

 Product #1... NBI form a Nevada Corporation or LLC (Includes Nevada Registered Agent). Because of our high volume goals, NBI's Nevada "bare-bones" incorporating online services begin at $174.00, plus state filing fees to incorporate in Nevada. The total $249.00 includes the Registered Agent fee for the first year (not a half year) and the initial state filing fee (Other companies might quote a lower price, but they do not include the Registered Agent and State fees.). Thereafter, our Registered Agent services are just $75.00 per year, not $129.00 or higher.  By the way, this is the best bare bones package on the market. (Note: For a Standard Corporate Kit add $69.00, or $99.00 for a Heavy Duty Corporate KitSee Price List Below; For a Nevada Nominee Officer add $150.00. All Corporate Kits include Stock, Seal, Minutes & Bylaws.) 


(Incorporate A Nevada Corporation With Product #1$249.00).

Product #2... NBI Nonprofit comes with a Tax ID # and a Standard Corporate Kit, includes the seal, minutes, bylaws (Product #2 Nonprofit Corporation . . . $315.00). For a Nevada Nominee Officer add $150.00See Price List Below.

Product #2... NBI Here we offer our #2 Package for $409.00, which features your corporate formation/or an LLC formation, and a heavy duty Corporate Kit imprinted with your corporate/LLC name (includes the seal, minutes, bylaws or LLC membership certificates or Corporation stock). Coupled with nominal mail forwarding and a Federal Tax ID #, this package is an outstanding value and includes your first year Registered Agency. Note: For privacy, we use our address in filing all entities. Also, for a Nevada Nominee Officer add $150.00See Price List Below.


(Incorporate A Nevada Corporation With Product #2$409.00).

Product #3... NBI This Package affords all the necessities to form your Nevada Corporation or LLC.  Here is what you get: Federal Tax ID#, Nevada Certified Articles, a hardbound professional hinged Corporate Kit with your company name engraved on it (Seal, Minutes, Bylaws, And Stock.), A Nevada Charter, First Year Registered Agency, Nevada Bank Setup and the initial incorporation Filing Fee. Note: For privacy, we use our address in filing all entities. Also, For a Nevada Nominee Officer add $150.00See price List Below.

(Incorporate A Nevada Corporation With Product #3$579.00.)


Presidential Package (Product #4); We gladly offer our Deluxe Privacy Incorporation Package for $949.00.  Here is what you get with your Nevada Corporation or LLC: Federal Tax ID#, a handsome deluxe professionally finished Corporate Kit with your corporate name engraved on it (includes the seal, minutes, bylaws or membership certificates or corporation stock.), a Nevada Charter, Nevada Certified Articles, full time Mail Forwarding, Nevada Nominee Officer, first year Registered Agency, Bank Account, The initial incorporation filing fee, And the initial officer's list fee! The only item that will be due is the $500.00 Business License in for Nevada Corporations or $200.00 for Nevada LLC's (about 25 days after incorporation).

A Nevada Phone # that rings at your out of state location is also available with this package at no extra charge from us. This service costs $74.00 and runs @ $35.00 per month from AT & T, plus your Long Distance Carrier charges, but again, no setup charge from us.


(Incorporate With Product #4$949.00.)

Note: We have great rates for aged Nevada Corporations and/or Nevada Shelf Companies. Give us a call Toll free877-541-3039!


To Begin Forming Your LLC Or Nevada Corporation, E-Mail The Following Information:

1.) Your Proposed Nevada Corporation Or LLC Name
2.) Type Of Business
3.) List The First Board of Directors;
One Person May Be all.

Note: If you pay by mail, money orders are faster for filing and the entire Nevada incorporation process. So, to expedite a Nevada corporation formation, send a money order or a cashiers check.

Make Checks & Money Orders Payable To:


564 Wedge Lane

Fernley, NV 89408


(775) 575-5556

(877) 541-3039 Toll Free

You Can Reach Us During Business Hours 7 Days A Week,

And Monday Thru Friday 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Pacific Time.


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Shelf Companies or Aged Corporations available starting @ $1850.00 (2013) Add $200.00 for each year back on an LLC, and $400.00 for a Nevada Corporation.


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Product #1 . . . For Profit Nevada Corporation. . . $249.00

Product #1 . . . Limited Liability Company  . . . $249.00

Product #2 . . . For Profit Nevada Corporation . . . $409.00

Product #2 . . . Nonprofit . . . $315.00

Product #2 . . . Limited Liability Company . . . $409.00

Product #2 . . . Limited Partnership  . . . $409.00

Product #2 . . . Limited Liability Limited Partnership . . . $459.00

Product #3 . . . $579.00

Product #4 . . . $949.00

Close Corporations Add . . . $75.00 (Close Corporations are closed to public trading and don't require annual meetings.)

Bank Account Setup Add . . . $75.00

Tax ID # (EIN) For Product #1 Add . . . $40.00

Doing Business As Names (dba's) . . . $45.00
Good Standing Certificate. . .$75.00

Nevada Registered Agent . . . $75.00 (Same price since 2001)

Multiple Companies, Nevada Registered Agent only . . . $60.00 Per Entity

Nevada Nominee Officer Service . . . $150.00 Annually

First Class Mail Forwarding . . . $175.00 Annually

Overseas Mail Forwarding . . . $225.00 Annually

Virtual Offices Available $325.00 Per Quarter

Apostilles . . . $25.00 Each    (Note: Apostilles are a form of a notary largely used by overseas clients.)



Add to cart buttons are right below each item.

All Corporation Kits Come With Seal, Stock, Minutes & Bylaws

Standard Kit  in Black . . . $69.00 (Includes US shipping)

Heavy Duty Kit in Black or Black & Burgundy. . . $99.00 (This kit is included in package #2, & Includes US shipping)

Add to cart buttons are directly below each item.

Shelf Companies or Aged Nevada Corporations available starting @ $1850.00 (2013) Add $200.00 for each year back on an LLC, and $400.00 for a Nevada Corporation.


(Note: For multiple Registered Agency for Nevada Corporations or LLC's we offer a $60.00 rate per entity, so switch over!)

Home Of Over 3000 Corporate Entities

  No Matter Where You're From You Can Form An LLC Or Corporate Entity!


You May Call For A Quote To Incorporate Online!



SO Why Nevada Corporations?

 1.) No Shares Tax

 2.) No Franchise Tax 

 3.) No Succession Tax 

 4.) No Personal Income Tax

 5.) No Corporate Income Tax

 6.) Minimal Reporting And Disclosure In Nevada

 7.) No IRS "Info" Sharing On A Nevada Corporation

 8.) Corporate Stockholders Can Be Private In Nevada

 9.) Nevada Is The Only State That Allows Nevada Nominee Officers


Note: Nevada recently instituted a $500.00 a year Business License for Nevada Corporations; a Nevada LLC remains at $200.00. Thus, Nevada  requires (NRS 364A) all corporate entities to register for a Nevada Business License. Note: We have great rates for aged companies or shelf companies. Call us toll free 877-541-3039!



About Us

NBI has been incorporating online since 2001. No doubt, our commitment to detail and experience, coupled with our sense of business fairness, are all key in providing you with outstanding value and service for your dollar. With that said, we are one of the larger Commercial Registered Agents here in Nevada, featuring the very best rates to incorporate businesses in tax free Nevada.  As one of Nevada's leaders in this industry, we have incorporated over twenty nine hundred Nevada Entities. No matter what plan you choose, our prices are the best and will remain unmatched. It is our standard of excellence and commitment to you the client. Therefore, if you have further concerns, we encourage you to check out our unblemished history with the Nevada Secretary of State.

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